There will be no more swirly icing writing or spelling mistakes on your lovely wedding and birthday cupcakes! Best cupcake toppers made of food-grade plexiglass are the perfect complement to beautiful cupcakes. Homemade and store-bought cakes are both enhanced by the addition of these lovely decorations.

Instead of being edible cupcake toppers, these non-edible cupcake toppers serve as excellent keepsakes for the day’s festivities. Cupcake toppers are something you’ve probably seen at a birthday party. They’re those picture-perfect figurines perched atop the cupcake or seemingly delectable cake that cause you to stare longingly at it not only because it’s beautiful but also because you’re hungry and can’t wait to stuff your face with it.

To be sure, icing has traditionally been used to good effect, which is fine and dandy. But cupcake toppers, which are so famous in the West, are gradually making their way into the Asian market as well.

Best Cupcake Toppers

Uses of cupcake toppers

You should consider cupcake toppers to be of paramount importance whether you are a household baker or anyone who works in the baking industry regularly.

To use as icing

When you use frosting to write messages on the cupcakes, the ‘neatness’ of the message is determined by several factors, including the hue of the icing, the thickness of the icing, and, most notably, the handwriting skills of the man who is writing it. With cupcake toppers, all of those variables are thrown out the window because they are meticulously designed to ensure that your cupcakes’ aesthetics are on par with their taste.

It is a re-usable product

When compared to candles, which burn out and icing that is consumed, cupcake toppers are made of acrylic, which, if properly preserved, can be used not just once or twice but dozens of times, making it a fantastic one-time investment.

It is affordable and cost-effective

Speaking of excellent investments, the reality that you can utilize cupcake toppers makes it a cost-effective choice, but what is especially remarkable is that the money invested itself is a reasonable sum.

It can be customized

What are the chances that your cake will be blotchy by the time it comes to the table if you try writing ‘Happy Anniversary on it with your finest icing? Trying to add your name to a cupcake’s topper will suffice to avoid this situation — so if you take care of it, it will last for years to come!

It provides a variety of options to make your cupcakes more visually appealing

As previously stated, the frosting on your cupcakes may become smudged, but cupcake toppers do not cause any damage to your cake. In fact, by infusing a touch of sophistication into your cake, they enhance its appearance and make it more presentable.

Birthdays (for adults and children), interactions, bachelorettes, weddings, anniversaries, and other special occasions are all catered for by Engrave’s extensive collection of cake toppers, which also includes regular ones that make your cake look more visually attractive.

Best Cupcake Toppers Reviews

Here is the list of best selling cake toppers available online:

1. Minecraft cake toppers

Minecraft cake toppers

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You will certainly have a remarkable party with all these Minecraft cake toppers; these toppers are the finest decorations for a party celebration for children, boys, and girls of all ages. Furthermore, they could be used for grownups only, rather than children.

Minecraft party cupcake toppers are made of cardboard, which is a sustainable and environmentally friendly material. Damage and fading are difficult to achieve. The cupcake toppers are stunning, and they are a perfect match for your cake design. There is a wide range of characters on the cake toppers. 

What we like

  • The cost ratio is extremely favorable, resulting in excellent value for money.
  • The packages are all shipped from the United States, and you should receive them within 4-5 days.

What we don’t like

  • These are far too thin but also flimsy for the price they are being offered.

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2. Shxstore Woodland Creatures

Shxstore Woodland Creatures

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Woodland theme best cupcake toppers include woodland creatures and FOREST animal cupcake toppers, which include 24 total of twelve different woodland creature shapes, as well as 2 toppers for each of the 12 different woodland creatures.

 There are 12 different forest cupcake toppers, respectively owl, bird, fox, wolf, squirrel, mushroom, pine tree, and other cake toppers. Woodland animals are created using single-sided printed materials and food-grade toothpicks. Decorative uses for this product include cookie and cake decorating as well as fruit and chocolate decorating.

What we like

  • Cupcakes or a tiny smash cake are ideal for this size.
  • For children’s parties, girls’ parties, and boys’ parties, these cake topper sticks/food picks are the ideal accompaniment to party supplies.

What we don’t like

  • They are not double-sided

3. Mity rain video game

Mity rain video game

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Made from quality food-grade paper and even a toothpick, this product is completely safe to eat. It is simple to use and does not require any assembly, which saves you time. This is not eatable and should not be used in the oven; it is only for decorative purposes.

The package contains 24 pieces of Video Game Cupcake Toppers that have been handcrafted and pre-assembled to be sturdy and long-lasting. With an approximate size of 2.16″ x 4.21″, it is an excellent adornment for cupcakes and fruits trays, as well as food snacks at children’s parties, baby showers, and birthday celebrations. It is also a great addition to other video game-themed celebrations.

What we like

  • The size is appropriate.
  • It appears to be attractive.

What we don’t like

  • It takes time to put them together.

4. Dinosaur Party Supplies

Dinosaur Party Supplies

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It contains 24 pieces of dinosaur best cupcake toppers and 24 pieces of dinosaur cupcake wrappers for making dinosaur cupcakes. All of the dinosaur designs were popular with both boys and girls, Make use of them as cupcake decorations to ensure that your child’s birthday is a huge success!

All of the dinosaur Jurassic world cupcake toppers are delivered flat, and you simply need to hook up the ends in short minutes and place the cupcakes in the cupcake cups to create the illusion that you placed a truly unique bakery order.

Because each cupcake topper is between 3.4 and 4.6 inches tall and 1.9 of between 4.5 inches wide, they are suitable for cupcakes ranging from small to large. The underside packaging is 1.77 inches in diameter, which is just small enough to allow you to grab the muffins without them slipping through.

The dinosaur cupcake toppers are ideal for any children’s parties, such as birthday parties, classroom parties, baby showers, and other similar events.

What we like

  • Cardstock paper is used for making the toppers
  • It is simple to put together.
  • They have been approved by the FDA.

What we don’t like

  • They are not suitable for consumption.

5. Gold Happy Birthday

Gold Happy Birthday 

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Happy birthday cupcake toppers that is bright and cheerful, perfect for bringing praise to your cake & snacks at the party! It is suitable for both regular & mini cupcakes.

This product is ideal for decorating Cupcakes and Muffins as well as food, party decorations, and activities such as weddings, home parties, and Christmas parties, birthday parties, and baby showers, graduation parties as well as Valentine’s Day and anniversary celebrations.

Made of high-quality low-shed sparkly cards and food-grade sticks, this ornament is handcrafted and simple to assemble. It is delivered in a flat package.

What we like

  • It is delivered in an assembled state.
  • Topping in the standard size
  • Suitable in terms of durability

What we don’t like

  • Do not use in the oven.

6. Watermelon Cupcake Topper

Watermelon Cupcake Topper

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Are you planning a Watermelon-themed party or are you celebrating your child’s first birthday in a Melon-themed way? The cupcake toppers are good to add a little something extra to your celebration!

Our toppers are hand-crafted from high-quality cardstock and embellished with glittered paper and a watermelon face for the sweetest finishing touch! They are the ideal size for muffins, finger foods, donuts, and other baked goods.

What we like

  • They are individually handcrafted
  • Made of high-quality cardstock

What we don’t like

  • Quality can be much better

7. Butterfly Cupcake Toppers

Butterfly Cupcake Toppers

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The unique and colorful butterfly best cupcake toppers could well make your cupcakes more beautiful and eye-catching, while also contributing to the sweet atmosphere of your party. Glitter cardboard of superior quality (300g) with food-grade toothpicks sticks, making it both visually appealing and durable!

Perfect for a butterfly theme party, a baby shower party, or a children’s birthday party cake. It could also be used as macaroon picks, ice cream picks, appetizer picks, fruit picks, and party food picks, to name a few possibilities.

What we like

  • Cupcakes, pastries, ice cream, fruit, desserts, cheese, and any other food that you want to dress up will look fantastic with this accessory.
  • It’s simple to decorate the cupcake.

What we don’t like

  • It appears to be quite dull, and not particularly sparkling.

8. Mario Cupcake Toppers

Mario Cupcake Toppers 

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You will receive a total of 38 pieces of cupcake toppers with a Mario Game theme. There are 19 different designs in these cupcake toppers, each with two pieces.

The photo depicts an approximate representation of the shape & size of the cupcake decoration. Its elegant size is appropriate for most cupcakes due to its small size.

 For the design of cupcake toppers, cardboard, they have used HD printed paper materials that are harmless, environmentally friendly, and nontoxic. You can eat a cupcake without any reservations or concerns.

What we like

  • These cupcake toppers could be used immediately, simply inserting them into the cupcake to complete the decoration process.
  • Can be used for multipurpose events such as birthday parties, kids’ parties, and girls’ parties;
  • The birthday cake topper appears to be of high quality in photographs.

What we don’t like

  • They do not include the bamboo sticks that are advertised on the package.

9. Multicolor Stars Cupcake Toppers

Multicolor Stars Cupcake Toppers

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The package contains 50 pieces of star toppers in five different color groups, each consisting of ten pieces of food-grade cardboard made toppers which have been handcrafted with care and are simple to assemble. Please do not bake the cupcake toppers; they are only for decorative purposes. –

Allow your imagination to run wild with vibrant color combinations!

What we like

  • This is a very Stylish and Enjoyable adornment for a children’s birthday party or a more colorful theme party for children.
  • The process of putting it together is straightforward.

What we don’t like

  • It is not a double-sided cake topper.

10. Pink Heart Glitter

Pink Heart Glitter

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They are created with high-quality bamboo toothpicks and high-quality cards that have flash paper printed on them. They are perfect for cake decorations for graduation, weddings, birthdays, baby showers, tea parties, and other special occasions.

They can also be used as amusing appetizer picks, party food picks, fruit picks, Christmas cupcake picks, Valentine’s Day cupcake picks, and kid’s birthday cupcake picks, among other things.

What we like

  • They appear to be exactly as depicted in the photograph.
  • They are just the same size, which makes them the ideal size for cupcakes.
  • Super cute and simple to put together!

What we don’t like

  • These are too small to be able to write on with any legibility.

How to choose the best cupcake toppers?

Consider the following before looking at the various options: What should you be looking for in a cupcake topper for your event? There are a few factors to consider, including the style, the size, and the price range.

All of these factors will play a role in determining which cake topper is best for you. Additionally, the materials should be taken into consideration because your cake designer will have to understand how much support would be required inside the cupcake to prevent the cupcake topper from sinking.


1. Decoration for cupcakes in a particular style

Cupcake toppers are generally classified into three categories: traditional, modern, and hobbyist.

Using the traditional style, you can create a home that is both old-fashioned and charming in every sense of the word. It is common for them to be made of porcelain with hand-painted details, and they are intended to be used with intricate wedding cake designs. Occasionally, these are passed down as family heirlooms or are passed down as family heirlooms.

Modern cake toppers are a more up-to-date option if you’re looking for something more contemporary. This type of topper can be made out of either wood or acrylic. As an alternative, they can be a letter or a set of letters that are laser-cut and express either an emotion or a thought, or even the couple’s initials.

Due to the obvious weight of such materials, they tend to cut very slender and look elegant when placed atop a cake with fewer intricate decorations.

Eventually, if you are particularly enthusiastic about a particular hobby, you may wish to incorporate that passion into the main message of your event. Pet lovers and golfers can both benefit from a truly personalized topper that reflects their interests. Make use of a cupcake topper to ensure that the theme is carried through all of the small details.


2. Budget

Once you’ve decided on a style that is a true reflection of your personalities as a couple, you’ll like to set a budget for your wedding. Cake toppers can cost hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars. If it is not an option for you, don’t worry, various other options are within your budget.

Prices for cupcake toppers created of specialty materials will typically be higher when compared to other types of cake decorations. When you keep the materials and styling as simple as possible, you can find more affordable options.


3. Size

When it comes to choosing the right cake topper, size is also an important consideration. If you are going to host a small gathering and your cake will only be serving a small number of people, your cupcake topper will have to be small to accommodate the more intimate cake. It is important to have a cupcake topper that is eye-catching and makes a statement when planning to host a large event.

In this case, you’ll like a full-sized or an especially large display of a favorite hobby or personalized customer. Remember to feel a load of your cake topper into consideration as the size of your cake grows, as it will most likely be placed on the top of your cupcake.


4. Keep the theme in mind

It is always a good idea for you to retain the theme of your celebration in mind when selecting a delicious confection for the occasion. Everyone agrees that white is a particularly elegant color, but there are a variety of other eye-catching color options to consider as well.

You could save the picture on your mobile and demonstrate it to your pastry chef as a specimen to give him an idea of what type of cupcake you are looking for if you are looking for a specific shade or color of the cake. He will almost certainly design a cupcake that flawlessly meets your specific requirements while remaining within your budget.


5. Selecting the Proper Flavor

You must devote a significant amount of time and effort to selecting a flavor that you believe those connected to your heart will also enjoy the most. The most popular ones are the ones that contain rich fruit, chocolate, and strawberry flavors. You will do better if you gave priority to the preferences of those whom you care about the most, and ignored the opinions of those who are less important to you.


Cupcake Toppers Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What ingredients are used to make gluten-free edible toppers?

To make allergy-free or gluten-free food toppers, you’ll need several ingredients. These include Tapioca Starch, Purified Water, Corn Syrup Solids, Corn Syrup, Cellulose, Glycerine, Sorbitol, Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Polysorbate, Arabic Gum, Vanilla, Food Coloring Inks, Citric Acid, Titanium Dioxide, and Food Coloring Inks.

  1. Is it easy to cut the Edible Print?

Of course yes! You just need clean scissors and a little bit of practice. Before going to start, make sure the icing sheets are well attached to a plastic baking sheet. This way you’ll give a nice clean cut using sugarpaste or cookie cutters. To make edible prints, you can also use metal paper punches.

  1. How long does the icing topper last?

Most suppliers mention on the product how long you can store the icing toppers. Icing Topper should be used within 2 to 3 weeks, approximately 1 month. Some toppers can even store up to 6 months if properly packaged. But, the best results are achieved when used on fresh fondant, smooth or ready iced cakes.

  1. How are Toppers Stuck?

No matter what type of cupcake topper you opt for, the best way to fix them on your cupcakes is with the help of some fresh frosting. It works as the glue which will make it easier to hold any type and size of topper on the cake. But keep in mind that the size of the topper should not be more than the cake as it may spoil the frosting.

  1. What kind of non-edible cake toppers are best for birthday girl cake?

Girls or women are very selective with colour, style, most importantly beautiful shapes. To choose a topper made of paper or acrylic, you need to have a little idea about their choice. Because, some girls love butterflies, flowers, teddy and unicorns.

While there is some love for customizing the size and design. If you’re still confused, you can scroll to Amazon. The most popular toppers for females include Pink Heart Glitter, Multicolour Star Cupcake Toppers, Mario Cupcake Toppers, Butterfly Cupcake Toppers, Watermelon Cupcake Toppers, Gold happy Birthday, etc.

  1. What size should the Cupcake topper be?

The topper you are going to buy should neither be too big nor too small on the toothpick. To know the ideal size, check the size of your cake and make sure the topper will fit snugly on it. In our opinion, the ideal size is 1.25 to 1.72.



Having taken all of the factors into consideration, you can confidently go out and purchase a cake topper for your celebration. It is no longer difficult to stay within a budget while still attempting to find a topper that is appropriate for you as a couple. Choose your best cupcake toppers with care, as it will bring all of the small details of your celebrations together.


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