8 Different Types of Cupcake Stands

Cupcake stands are always needed no matter what is the occasion, a birthday, a wedding, anniversary celebration, new year, Christmas, Baby Shower, or any kind of special, it is not complete without a cake. If you are getting a cupcake from the professional bakers, then they spend hours to make your cake look stunning.

Even those who bake cupcakes at home, will make sure that their cake is decorated perfectly to impress the guests. Well after spending so many hours for baking that perfect cake and decorating it, you should be very careful about the presentation as well. This is where the cupcake stands play an important role.

They enhance the appearance of the cakes and that is the reason why a cake stand is used. It is not just about making the cake look beautiful, but it is also about making it look taller. You will be able to find different shapes and designs of cake stands, but did you know that there are different types of cake stands as well?

cupcake stands

Yes, there are many different types of cupcake stands available in the present market and here are a few of them for you. Basically the classification is done either based on the number of tiers it has or the material that is used in the making of the cupcake stands.

What are cupcake stands?

1. Single Tier Cake Stands

The name itself tells about the type of cake stand. It is a single tier stand with just one tier. It is perfect choice for simple cakes which have just one tier. If at all you are using a single tier stand for multi-tier cakes, then the material used in the making of the cake stand should be strong and sturdy so that it will be able to hold the weight of the multi-tier cake.

2. Two-tier Cake Stand

Just like the previous type of stand, this is a two-tier stand which has two different tiers. You can either place one cake above the other or place them at a certain distance from one another. The tiers will be well connected with the help of dowels.

3. Three-tier Cake Stands

Here is a three-tier cupcake stands and they come with three tiers. Usually, most of the cakes for weddings or other special occasions come in three tier. These are also connected with the help of dowels. These also can be placed one above the other or at a certain distance depending on how well you will be able to display the cake.

4. Multi-layer or tier cake stand

If you don’t like those old and boring three tier cakes or you wish to have a grand cake for your special day, then a multi tier cake is the best choice. These multi-layer cake stands are made to meet that purpose only. You can choose the number of tiers you wish to have and get it customized.

Some grand weddings or corporate parties, opt for this multi-tier cakes.

5. Glass cake stand

One of the most popular type of cake stand available in the present market is Glass cake stand. They are available in transparent glass and also in colored glass, but they are most common. They are used in many households as well. The glasses come with some design on them making the cake stands more attractive. These glass stands come with dome type covers.

This cover helps in covering the cake. One drawback with the glass stands is they are very heavy and can be difficult for you to maintain them.

6. Metal Cake Stand

The next type of cake stand that you will have to consider is the metal cake stand. If you are looking for a cake stand that can carry heavy weight, then this is a good choice. Mostly, a metal cake stand is used for multi-tier cakes for grand weddings. They have a stable and strong base. These metal stands come in gold or silver color and they look very attractive.

7. Porcelain Cake Stand

If you are looking for cake stands in different size, color, shape or pattern, then you will have to check Porcelain cake stands. They are just perfect for any kind of occasion, whether it is a grand party or a simple get together. These stands can be used for simple tea cake arrangements as well.

8. Fancy Cake Stand

If you don’t like any of the cupcake stands types that are normal, then you can opt for the fancy cake stands. They come in many different designs like Cinderella’s carriage and many other styles. These fancy cake stands are made using many different kinds of materials like porcelain, metal, iron, glass and others as well.

They are perfect choice for any kind of occasion where you are looking for some of the best cake stands that are different from the normal ones.


So, these were some of the most common types of cupcake stands available in the market. Apart from these, you will also be able to find them make of any other kinds of materials as well. You will have to check them carefully and then decide which is the best choice for your needs or your occasion.

Apart from selecting the right cupcake stands, you should also make sure that the design of the cake stand matches with the occasion like wedding or birthday. You can add more grand look to the stand if it is for a wedding. Birthday cupcake stands can be simple. You can just add a few accessories to the stand or around the stand for making it look special.

You should always make sure that the size of the cake stand is according to the size of your cake. If you are making a small stand, then you can adjust with a small cupcake stands. Not all of the cake stands are suitable for all occasions and hence you need to pick one that meets your requirements. So, go through all the types of cake stand and then make your choice according to the requirements.

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