How easy is it to make a cupcake stand?

The cupcake stand contain cupcakes on them and you can serve this delicious dessert to your friends on the cupcake stand. There are many types of cupcake stands available on the supermarket. But it seems nice if you make it at home. Making a cupcake for your party is a good idea for your theme. You can also dispose it easily after the party.

You do have not to spend a lot of money on making a cupcake stand at home. You can make your cupcake easily at home without any extra effort. There are many type of cupcake stand but here is a cardboard cupcake stand which will work perfectly for your theme party and it is also easy to make.

Cupcake Stands

Cupcake Stand Guide

To make a cupcake stand you do not need a lot of money. This is a dollar project. You just need cardboard, 2 disposable glasses, crepe paper, strong glue and some sort of decorative material. If you buy these all things in the market, you need less than a dollar.

Cutting Cardboard

First of all, choose a suitable cardboard stand that will handle the weight of your cupcake. After choosing it, cut it into 3 pieces in chronological order. Cut the papers in the ratio of 4:3:2. Use seizer for this work to get perfect borders. Don’t try to cut it with your fingers. It will decrease the strength of the cardboard. Cardboard Is the most important part because it will make the body of your project.

Choosing Disposable Glass

Now is the time to choose 2 disposable glasses for making a lower cupcake stand. Choose a glass at least 5 cm in height. Don’t buy too long or too small glass, because it will not help in the project. Glasses must be of high quality, not use a low class of plastic.

Colored Paper

Now it’s on yours that which color would you want on your cupcake stand. Take the paper and put it on the cardboard with the help of glue. Don’t put too much glue on the paper otherwise, it can be damage. Cover all the sides of the cardboard evenly.

Join the Glass with the Cardboard

Joining is the step in which you attach your glass with the cardboard with the help of glue. Take a brush and put glue on the paper and the mouth of the glass. Attach the mouth of the glass with the cardboard.

Once you have done all the basic steps, you have to glue the glass with cardboard. It might seem like an easy job but it is slightly tricky. Apply some adhesive on the top of the glass and then perfectly glue it to the centre of the cardboard. To make an effective seal, it will be great, if you place an optimal weight over the glass also.

Start Decorating

The whole procedure takes less than a couple of minutes and after doing it once, you will be master in this thing. You can start decorating the cupcakes and it will be better to find some eye-catchy decoration items. There are many ways to decorate and you can create a large stand of cardboard cupcakes. But, make sure that you keep the weight of cupcakes in mind.

Bottom Line

There are many other ways to make cupcake stands and many people prefer using hard objects to give sturdiness to the whole build. You can follow this simple idea to learn and try new things with other material the next time to get better at it. We hope, you have a great DIY while working on this small but fun project.

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