How to make a dairy-free cupcake: recipes

Recently, people have begun to pay more and more attention to their health, and take tests. In the process, it turns out that the usual components in the form of gluten or milk are contraindicated for them.

And the question arises, of how to make dairy-free cupcakes. Read more about dairy-free cupcakes recipes in this article.

Alternative options for dairy products

Luckily, making all the dairy-free cupcakes recipes today is easy. After all, there is a wide range of alternative options for dairy products on sale.

If you go to the store and go to the stand with milk, you can see a lot of original options.

Today, dairy products that are made based on plants are very popular.

Therefore, you can use almonds, rice, oat milk, flaxseed, and coconut milk to make dairy-free cupcakes. All of them would be great options.

You can take several types of milk.

This allows you to experiment with them and find the best option for dairy-free cupcakes.

Reasons for the popularity of dairy-free cupcakes

Today, dairy-free cupcakes are in great demand. Especially if a person is lactose intolerant or allergic to milk.

Dairy products are not used at all in the cooking process. This applies to both the dough itself and the glaze.

In the cooking process, only proteins are required. Dairy-free butter is also used. Therefore, the dairy-free dessert turns out to be more moist and fragrant.

Preparing a dairy-free dessert is very simple, and the baking process itself takes no more than a third of an hour.

To prepare the cream, you need no more than three components. In this case, the taste is the same as in the case of glaze, which is prepared in butter.

A step-by-step process for making dairy-free muffins

Vanilla extract is often added to dairy-free vanilla cupcakes.

This results in a very classic and elegant dairy-free dessert that is suitable for all occasions.

This is the best option for both adults and children.

Vegan vanilla cupcake recipe: list of ingredients

To prepare a dessert, you need to prepare certain ingredients, namely:

  1. Dairy-free butter in the composition. Choose any type of vegan oil that suits your taste.
  2. Sugar. It is best to combine white and brown sugar. If you do not have an exotic option, you can use plain white sugar. You can’t completely cook a dessert with brown sugar because the muffins turn out to be too dense and do not rise.
  3. Eggs. Give preference to large eggs. Substitutes are inappropriate.
  4. Vanilla. It is better to opt for vanilla paste. It gives a richer flavor. Vanilla extract is allowed.
  5. Almond milk. If this is not an option, you can use oat milk, nut, or coconut dairy-free milk.
  6. Flour. You can use all-purpose flour, which is suitable for all types of baking. If you are gluten intolerant, opt for gluten-free flour.
  7. Baking powder. This ingredient helps the dairy-free cupcakes rise and become airy. First, you need to make sure that the ingredient has not expired. Otherwise, you do not achieve the desired result.
  8. Salt. Salt can enhance the vanilla flavor as well as balance other flavors.

The process of making a dairy-free cake

When the ingredients are ready, you can start the cooking process. It consists of several stages.

First, preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

The cupcake liners should be lined with paper.

In a large bowl, combine vanilla extract and dairy-free butter.

Beat the ingredients until the mass is light and airy.

Gradually add sugar, eggs, and cream. Mix everything thoroughly so that the consistency is homogeneous.

Add dry ingredients (salt, baking powder, and flour).

The flour must first be sifted. Mixing should be at slow speeds. Gradually start pouring in the almond dairy-free milk.

In the process, you need to stir everything so that the flour is completely mixed, and lumps do not form.

With the prepared dough, you need to fill the paper liners by 2/3.

Then place them in the oven for about 16-18 minutes.

The exact time depends on your oven.

Bake the cupcakes until the toothpick comes out dry. Place the cupcakes on a rack to cool. After that, you can start applying the glaze.

Dairy-free vanilla cupcakes decoration

Dairy-free buttercream has a soft texture. Therefore, you have to apply dairy-free buttercream to pastries just before serving.

Only in this way, you can achieve the best result.

In a container, mix the vegan oil at high speed. It must acquire a light and creamy texture.

Pour in powdered sugar and vanilla extract. Reduce the mixer speed and mix until the powdered sugar disappears.

Then you can increase the speed of the mixer, and beat the mass for a few more minutes. It should be light and airy.

Put the prepared cream for the vegan vanilla cupcakes into a pastry bag, and install a large nozzle. After that, apply the cream on top of the dairy-free vanilla cupcakes that have cooled.

Other jewelry options

You can add some pigment to the cream. It is better to set the choice on a vegan food gel. This allows you to get the pigment; however, there is no excess liquid.

You can use sprinkles to make the vegan vanilla cupcakes more aesthetically pleasing. Watch the composition because some toppings may contain milk.

It is appropriate for decoration to combine different nozzles on a pastry bag.

This makes the vegan vanilla cupcakes more unique. In this case, you have the opportunity to create new texture options that differ in volume and depth.

Vegan vanilla cupcake recipe: cooking tips

Almond dairy-free milk and eggs should be warmed to room temperature. Butter, in which there is no milk, must be kept for no more than 10 minutes.

After it becomes too soft, it is more difficult to work with it. Do not mix dry ingredients so as not to change the texture of the dough.

Before proceeding with decorating the vegan vanilla cupcakes, you should cool the buttercream for about a third of an hour in the refrigerator.

Choose the milk or yogurt that you like to taste even in pure form. For ease of filling cupcake pans, the dough can be divided into portions with a cookie or ice cream scoop.

Beforehand, all components must be heated to room temperature.

This helps them blend better. If you store some of the food in the refrigerator, take them out in advance so that they warm up a little in the room.

Before putting the form with the dough in the oven, hit it on the table.

This allows any air bubbles that are still in the dough to come to the surface.

Applying almond yogurt or milk

You can experiment with the ingredients to achieve the best taste of the finished cupcakes.

According to statistics, desserts that are made from almond yogurt or milk have the best taste.

Thanks to these ingredients, the dough turns out lush, so the cupcakes will have a delicate texture.

To enhance the taste, you can add a little almond extract (no more than a teaspoon). The taste of ready-made cupcakes will not differ in any way from classic recipes.

Dairy-free egg-free muffins

Quite often, people try to give up eggs in baking. There can be many reasons for this. As you know, the main purpose of eggs in the recipe is the formation of texture, taste, and saturation.

At the same time, they make the dough more friable and contribute to the fact that it rises when heated.

If you’re planning to forego eggs when making cupcakes, you can use mashed apples as an alternative. Yes, this decision may seem strange to many.

However, the taste does not suffer if instead of one egg you use a quarter cup of applesauce with a minimum sugar content.

You can add applesauce to a cake that has been baked.

Yes, the taste is pleasant; however, it does not meet your expectations.

After all, it does not go well with coconut milk. But for soy milk or almond milk, this would be a good option.

Reasons to use applesauce

The main purpose of this component is to link other components. In this case, gluten will not develop, and the finished cake will turn out to be very tender and soft.

However, you need to understand that cupcakes will rise worse. An additional portion of baking powder will help to correct the situation.

Uses of dairy-free gluten-free muffins

A very popular dairy-free cupcake recipe that is gluten-free.

You can find different varieties of gluten-free flour on the market.

The choice depends on your preferences, as well as the available budget.

Additionally, you need to follow a few rules that help you perfectly prepare dairy-free cupcakes without gluten.

Dough mixing

Once the dough is ready, you have to set the mixer to maximum speed and beat it for a few minutes.

This will give you the desired structure.

Yes, many people forbid doing this because there is a risk that baking will not work.

However, if you’re planning on using a gluten-free and dairy-free cupcake recipe, mixing is a must. This causes the cupcakes to rise better as they heat up. Therefore, the pulp will be tender and pleasant to taste.

Rest for the test

After preparing the dough, leave it for half an hour to rest. After that, you can start baking cupcakes.

As you know, gluten-free flour mixture does not absorb fats and moisture well. If the dough is a little infused before baking, then the flour can absorb everything necessary.

This helps thicken the dough. It does not have graininess, and the cupcakes will turn out more uniform.

Making vegan vanilla cupcake frosting

It is very important to make the right vegan vanilla cupcake frosting.

To prepare a sweet dairy-free glaze, however, with a creamy aftertaste, it is necessary to prepare certain ingredients, namely:

  1. Mild vegan butter for vegan vanilla cupcake frosting. There are a large number of brands on the market that supply such products. Finding the best and most affordable option is not difficult.
  2. Powdered sugar for nice vegan vanilla cupcake frosting.
  3. Vanilla extract for great vegan vanilla cupcake frosting.
  4. Unsweetened almond milk for amazing vegan vanilla cupcake frosting.

First, you need to mix the oil and vanilla extract.

Beat the mass so that it acquires a pale shade and airy texture. Sift the powdered sugar, and gradually pour it into the mass. You should get a thick consistency for vegan vanilla cupcake frosting.

If the texture is too thick, you can add some unsweetened almond milk. On average, it takes a few tablespoons. This will give you a soft texture of a vegan vanilla cupcake frosting with powdered sugar.

Icing cupcakes

Cooked cupcakes, as already mentioned, need to be cooled.

On average, this will take 3 hours. After that, you can start preparing the glaze.

As soon as it brews a little, you can decorate all desserts with it. Additionally, you can use sprinkles. Make sure it is labeled as vegan-friendly.

Application of a vanilla paste

As already mentioned, to get a more intense vanilla taste, you can add a little vanilla paste to the cream. If it was not at hand, the use of vanilla extract is allowed. However, it will not allow you to get a rich taste.

If you use paste, you will see small spots of beans on the surface of the cupcakes.

If there is a desire and opportunity, you can add a little extract to the glaze. It can have a different taste and aroma, depending on your preferences.

However, preference should be given to those extracts that will go well with an alternative to milk.

If you’re using almond milk or yogurt, you can add a little almond extract for a more intense flavor.

If you are using coconut milk or yogurt, it makes sense to add coconut extract.

If the milk will be from soy or oats, you can add almond or lemon extract. This will give you the perfect taste.

Storage of cupcakes and ingredients

You can prepare cupcakes in advance and store them for several days or months before the expected celebration.

If you only have to wait a few weeks, it’s best to store your baked goods in the refrigerator. To do this, place them in airtight containers.

If you plan to leave the cupcakes at room temperature, they will only last a few days.

In this case, it is still recommended to use airtight containers so that the dessert does not weather. You can put the cupcakes in the freezer, where they can be stored for up to 3 months.

Cupcakes can be stored in the freezer both in containers and in special bags. You can prepare the glaze in advance and then store it.

In the refrigerator, provided the container is used, the icing can be stored for up to 30 days.

If placed in the freezer, the shelf life is 3 months.

Before use, the glaze will need to be thawed and mixed thoroughly. This will restore a smooth and pleasant texture.

If you have made cupcakes and covered them with frosting, they can be stored at room temperature for only 8 hours.

In this case, be sure to use an airtight container. However, it is best to use the icing just before serving the cupcakes to the table.

If you plan to freeze already frosted cupcakes, simply freeze them first.

To do this, spread them on a baking sheet or tray, and put them in the freezer for several hours.

Once the frosting has been set, wrap each dairy-free cupcake in plastic wrap and place it in a bag or container.


When you read dairy-free recipes, numerous questions can arise.

How long do dairy-free cupcakes last?

Milk-free muffins can be stored at room temperature for up to 2 days. If you put them in the refrigerator, the shelf life will be 7 days. If you use a freezer for storage, then the shelf life increases to 3 months.

What makes a cupcake fluffy?

Cupcakes are airy and moist if bubbles form in the dough. As the oven preheats, they will expand. In the process of mixing the dough, the bubbles burst, so the cake will not work.


As you can see, dairy-free muffins are not uncommon today. You can prepare them from different components. Fortunately, today there is a wide range of milk substitutes that are made based on plants.

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