How To Transport Cupcakes Correctly?

Sometimes you have to transport cupcakes from the bakeries to the home or carrying them to your parties. This is important to treat those sponge with care. This is an important job to getting cupcakes from places A to B. No one wants that the cupcake to get damaged at the time of transporting. To get rid of these problems, consider what professional bakers recommend.


Tips for transport cupcakes:

1. Cupcake carrier


Transport Cupcakes


To transport cupcakes from one place to another place where you need them, you should buy a portable cupcake carrier. These cupcake carriers keep your cake safe. They protect your cake from damage, but you can use them to display your cakes.

There are many types of cupcake carriers are available in the market in different styles and shapes. Mainly cupcake carriers are classified based on the number of the cupcake. You can buy a 6 to 12 cupcake carrier. Always buy a cupcake carrier that is not too bulky. Choose a carrier that is stylish and catchy to the eyes.


2. Use the non-skid shelf liner

When you transport cupcakes in a car, they can lose balance due to bumps in the road. To protect your cupcakes in this situation you have to use a non-skid shelf liner. By using a non-skid shelf liner, you can manage the balance of cupcakes.

Always put cupcakes in a box that is not too big or too small. And fill the space of the box with the help of paper. Box that is carrying the cupcakes must be strong enough to face the weight of the cupcakes.


3. Icing or Chocolate

If you want to transport cupcakes without the help of carriers, you can also use icing or chocolate.

Icing is the process in which the cupcake is frozen after preparing it. This is because after freezing the cupcake there is not any risk of damaging the cake while traveling. This is the easiest way to transport the cupcake. But in this way, you have to cool down the cupcake before eating.

If you are interested in the chocolate flavor then this method of transporting is for you. In this method, the cupcake is covered with the melted chocolate. This process makes a strong chocolate lair around the cupcake. So, your cupcake becomes hard and not easily damaged while transportation.


4. Upside down position

Cake makers never set the upside-down position of the cake while packaging. If you are making a cake from home, then make sure that which is the right position of the cake. The position of the cake can be altered while taking the cupcake from one place to another. So don’t make mistake like that.

One other possible way is also here that can lead to change the position of the cake. When you are opening the box of cupcakes, handle the cake carefully at this time.


5. Turn on the air conditioner

When you transport cupcakes, you must keep them cool. In the presence of a hot environment, cupcakes can catch bacterial growth which leads to a smell. Thus turn on the air conditioner to cool your cupcakes. This is one of the important steps of transporting cupcakes.


6. Decorate after Drying the Glue

If you want that your cupcake will look nice while you present it at the party, then decorate it after arriving at its destination. This is because if you decorate it before arriving, then it can lose its decoration by the bumps.

How to store at home?

When you transport cupcakes or deliver them to you, then you need to store the dessert only in the refrigerator. A balcony and a cool room will not replace a refrigerator. Custom dessert is stored in the cold for no more than 3 days.

Mastic figurines can be eaten for a maximum of 2 weeks – after this period, the decor turns into inedible.