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Who are we?

We are the administrators/owners of this website, and we ensure the maintenance of the blog.

Acceptance of Privacy Policy

By using, you automatically accept the privacy policy associated with the website. You also accept the terms of services if you are using the website. If you do not agree to any of the policies or the conditions, you are requested to exit the blog immediately.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We review the privacy policy frequently, and we often make changes to the policy because of the dynamic world that we live in. We add the details of the last updates on the privacy policy. As the administrators of, please note that we can change the privacy policy without any prior notification to the users of the website.

Information Collected

While you are using the website, there is certain information that we collect. We do not collect any personal information without your consent. For example, we only collect your name, email address, and other personal information when you wish to add a comment on the blog. We may use these details to share the periodical newsletter with you. Apart from this, we collect IP addresses, browsers, ISP, Device Addresses, and other similar information to track the website’s usage. Be assured that we do not sell this data, and we store them on a secured server. We may use certain information for diagnostics and troubleshooting the website.

Cookie Usage

Today, almost every website uses cookies to offer a better user experience. These cookies can be extremely helpful in saving your preferences when you are using the website. We can provide you with a customized experience with the use of cookies. While you are using the website, we track the cookies to offer these interactive services. If you do not want us to access the cookies, you can change your browser’s privacy settings and opt for the more restrictive privacy settings. You should note that disabling or rejecting the cookies can impact the user experience, and some features may not even be available.

External Websites

Please note that the given privacy policy applies to this website only. You may find links to external websites on this blog, and the privacy policy for those websites would be different. The same applies to other service providers that you may encounter. We have no control over the privacy policy of the other websites, and we take no responsibility of the way these website uses or collects your information. You must refer to the individual privacy policy of the external websites that you intend to visit.

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