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Who are we?

We work with Patricia Jones to manage and run the website https://www.cupcakestuffs.com/. We are also a team that works as an administrator to this website.

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Changes to Terms of Use

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Disclaimer & Liability Declaration

On this website, we offer genuine reviews and product information to our readers. The content on the website represents personal opinions, and the experience may vary from one person to another. We do not provide any warranty or support for products advertised on our website. The articles on this blog should not be considered as an alternative to a professional or medical advisory. We try to add the most accurate version of the information, but errors may still occur. You are advised to use the information on this website at your own risk. We at https://www.cupcakestuffs.com/ would not be held liable for any liability that arises because of the products, services and information available on this website.

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Reaching Out to Us

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